Six-Week Info

SPRING 2022 — March 20th – May 1st 

(everything subject to change)

$1,500 (u.s.) SIX-WEEK PROGRAM *

Our new Six-Week Program was developed to enable every Christian an affordable opportunity to come walk in the steps of Yeshua and sit at His feet, in Israel.

We encourage you to take the money you saved by attending our new Program and travel into Europe or the UK upon completion of our Six-Week Program. You can network with others who are attending and plan a trip of a life time!

$650 (u.s.d.) TOTAL PAID TO US


$850 (u.s.d.) minimum accessible via participant’s personal Visa Debit Card for their ($350 u.s.d.) meals, plus ($500 u.s.d.) transportation in Israel, laundry, entrance fees & tips as these are not included.

* NOT INCLUDED 1. flight to and from Israel, 2. medical insurance in Israel, 3. all COVID requirements


Beit Tfilah, Inc.

P.O.Box 4637

Huntington Beach, CA 92605

Remember to write participant’s name in the memo line.


Arrival in Israel (cannot arrive early)         March 20, 2022


Tours & Cross-Cultural Events throughout the 6 weeks

Departure from Israel                               May 1, 2022

2 PART PROGRAM  (included in the price above)

Life of Messiah Study Tour

OT Bible Survey Study Tour

NOTE: Some common medicines are not available in Israel or are available only with a prescription from a local doctor. Sudaphed, anti-bacterial cream or Dramamine are some such items. It is best to bring any medication you might need or want

It should be noted: Our Study Tour programs cannot guarantee the granting of a visa due to changing policies of the Israeli Ministry of Interior.

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