Scholarships FALL 2022


$3,800 (u.s.d.) Full Program Price Before Scholarship

Scholarships are available in keeping with our vision to enable every Christian an affordable opportunity to come walk in the steps of Yeshua and sit at His feet, in Israel.

Those awarded Scholarships will only pay the costs below to attend either our Spring or Fall Program.

$300 (u.s.d.) PAYED TO US (Non-Refundable Deposit)


$1,850 (u.s.d.) minimum accessible via participant’s personal Visa Debit Card for the following items.

(Breakdown: meals $900 u.s.d., plus $950 u.s.d. transportation in Israel, laundry, entrance fees & tips.)

* NOT INCLUDED 1. flight to and from Israel, 2. medical insurance in Israel, 3. all COVID requirements

(everything subject to change)

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