Online courses for self-study or those who desire to work towards a Certificate in Biblical Studies.

Presently Three full Courses are being offered with more soon to come. We also encourage you to come to Israel and participate in our Israel Study Tour Program.

Contact us if you desire to receive the Syllabus for the Course you are interested in studying.

Sample Syllabus below:

BOOK OF JOSHUA: Pastor Rob Kayser

REQUIRED TEXT: Be Strong by Warren Wiersbe


A study through the life and ministry of Joshua. You will learn lessons on leadership and victorious Christian living. 

READING WITH REACTION SHEETS – Listen to each of the 20 lessons and read the correlating chapter (s) from the assigned commentary. Write 2 pages for each of the 20 lessons following the 4 sections below.

  • Outline of the covered Text
  • Key Verse and why?
  • An “Inspiring Thought”, and why?
  • A highlight from the lecture and commentary.

Other courses will be added so contact us if you desire to take this course work towards a certificate

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